Echelle Spectrograph


The Echelle Spectrograph is a fiber-fed spectrograph mounted on optical bench in the ground floor of the 1.3m telescope building inside an isolated room. It is currently in test mode.

The main refraction element is the echelle grating with 31.6 grooves/mm with a ruled area of 102 mm x 206 mm while the cross-dispersion is done by two LF5 prisms. The optical layout can be seen here.


The optical design is a white-pupil arrangement with measured resolution R~19000 with 100μm fiber, while expect of  ~38000 with the 50μm fiber.


The CCD mounted is a 2k x 2k, 13.5μm pixel, Peltier cooled camera (Andor DW436) whose spectral coverage is shown here.