Near Infrared Camera


In 2006 a wide field near-infrared camera was commissioned on the 1.3m telescope. The camera consists of a 1024x1024 HgCdTe Focal Plane Array, with 18.5x18.5μm pixels, made by Rockwell Science Center, Inc. The optical system, displayed here, is a modified Offner design with a resulting imaging resolution of 0.38arcsecs per pixel, and a 6.5arcmin x 6.5arcmin field of view. The picture on the right displays the dewar of the camera mounted on the 1.3m telescope as well as the rack of the external electronics box.

The system is sensitive in the spectral range between 1.0 – 2.4 μm and has two filter wheels. A set of broadband filters (J 1250, H 1635, Ks 2150) is mounted on Filter Wheel 2, and a set of narrowband filters (FeII 1644, H-2 2122, H-2 2144, BrG 2166, CO 2295) is on Filter Wheel 1. The details of the filters are the following:

The near-IR camera

Filter Characteristics
Type Central Wavelength / FWHM
FeII 1644 nm /17 nm
H-2 2122 nm /22 nm
H-2 2144 nm /22 nm
Br-gamma 2166 nm /22 nm
CO 2295 nm /231 nm
J-band 1250 nm /160 nm
H-band 1635 nm /290 nm
Ks-band 2150 nm /320 nm