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PASIPHAE: Through the Veil of Dust to the Big Bang



NEON school 2016


The Network of European Observatories in the North organizes a yearly observational Summer School. The 2016 event will take place at the Skinakas Observatory and the University of Crete from June 19th to July 2nd, 2016. During two weeks, students from all over the world will have the chance to have hands-on real-life experience on the full cycle from proposal preparation to data reduction. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures on hot-topics of the present day astrophysics. The lectures will be given in the Physics Department building of the University of Crete, whereas the observing activities will be carried out using the 1.3-m telescope at the observatory. For more information, visit Skinakas NEON school or the web page at Institut Astrophysique de Paris.






Skinakas Observatory offers a number of open days each year in order to make the general public familiar with recent advances in science and technology. For more information visit, Skinakas Open Days