Astronomy Education


The facilities of Skinakas Observatory are widely used for educational and teaching activities. Many undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Crete, and other institutes, have the opportunity to participate in research projects based on observations performed at Skinakas. In fact, most of the research projects performed at Skinakas have had active participation by undergraduate or graduate students. The projects often combine Skinakas ground based observations with data collected by space telescopes. The data analysis is performed locally using a modern computer network in the astrophysics lab of the Physics Department of the University of Crete. All usual software packages necessary for astronomical data reduction and analysis are available.

Based on this experience members of Skinakas Observatory have designed a set of projects for undergraduate students who wish to obtain a hands on experience in astronomical data analysis. These projects, as well as a set of video tutorials are available to the community:


- University level Astronomy projects

- University level Astronomy video tutorials

- Non technical Astronomy video tutorials