2016 NEON school


The 2016 NEON observing school will take place at the Physics Department of the University of Crete, and Skinakas Observatory, from June 19th to July 2nd, 2016.



The Department of Physics is located in the new campus of the University of Crete at Voutes, seven kilometers southwest of Heraklion, next to the University Hospital. See map here. In this map the blue area indicates where the Physics Department is located. Lectures will take place in the Seminar Room located in the 3rd floor of the Physics Department building. Practical work will be carried out in the Computer Lab, which is located in the 1st floor. See map of the Physics Department building.

The program can be found here.



You do not have to take care about the reservations, this is done by the school for all participants.


In Heraklion

Rooms have been booked at the Olympic Hotel. The hotel is located in Kornaros Square, in the city center.

In Anogeia

During the visit to the Skinakas Observatory, the participants will be staying at the Anogia Academic Village Center



Lunch will be provided by the school for everybody, but you will have to arrange dinner by yourself.

Lunches will be served at the restaurant in the ground floor of FOURTH/ITE building, which is just ~8 min walk away from the Physics department. In this map, the blue area shows the university campus, the yellow area is one of the two main hospitals in Heraklion, and the green area indicates the FORTH/ITE facilities, where the restaurant is located.

The city center provides a broad choice of restaurants, taverns, and fast-food places. Prices start from 5 € for a giro/kebab/burger + soft drink to 15-20 € for a full meal (including beer or house wine) in a tavern. Bottled wine will increase the bill accordingly.

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