The 1.3m Telescope


The 1.3m telescope, seen on the right, was commissioned in 1995 and is the principal observing facility of Skinakas Observatory. It is a modified Ritchey–Chrétien telescope, that is it has a hyperbolic primary and a hyperbolic secondary mirror, in order to provide a large field of view with high image quality. The mirrors were built by Carl Zeiss Oberkochen. The telescope mount is equatorial, computer controlled and was constructed by DFM Engineering. There is also an autoguider with off axis guiding system, which was built by Baader Planetarium.

Some technical details on the telescope optics follow:


  • Type: Modified Ritchey–Chrétien

  • Aperture of main mirror: 129cm

  • Aperture of secondary mirror: 45cm

  • Central hole of main mirror: 35cm

  • Distance main to secondary: 245.34cm

  • Focal length: 985.7cm

  • F-ratio: 7.64