The 1.3m Telescope

Type: Modified Ritchey–Chrétien

  • Aperture of main mirror: 129cm
  • Aperture of secondary mirror: 45cm
  • Central hole of main mirror: 35cm
  • Distance main to secondary: 245.34cm
  • F-ratio: 7.64
  • Built by Carl Zeiss Oberkochen

Τelescope mount is equatorial

  • Computer controlled
  • Constructed by DFM Engineering

Autoguider with off axis guiding system

  • Built Baader Planetarium

The 30 cm Flat Field Telescope

Type: Schmidt- Cassegrain

  • Aperture: 30cm
  • Focal length: 94cm
  • Focal ratio: 3.2
  • Usable field of view: 3o
  • Built by Lichtenknecker Optics

German mount

  • Computer controlled
  • Constructed by Eckard Alt/li>

Autoguider with off axis guiding system

  • Digital Camera (CCD) and software built by SBIG