front focal reducer

The Echelle Spectrograph is a fiber-fed spectrograph mounted on optical bench in the ground floor of the 1.3m telescope building inside an isolated room. 

The main refraction element is the echelle grating with 31.6 grooves/mm with a ruled area of 102 mm x 206 mm while the cross-dispersion is done by two LF5 prisms.

The optical layout can be seen here.

The optical design is a white-pupil arrangement with measured resolution R~19000 with 100μm fiber, while expect of  ~38000 with the 50μm fiber.

The CCD mounted is a 2k x 2k, 13.5μm pixel, Peltier cooled camera (Andor DW436) whose spectral coverage is shown here.

The Echelle Spectrograph is not offered for observations, since it is currently in test mode.